Week #14 – My Final Thoughts

Week #14 – My Final Thoughts


It’s been 14 weeks and this will be my final blog post on social media, emerging technology. In my last blog today I will be describing my final thoughts and how I feel now about social media. After weeks of experimenting with several different tools and how they work for businesses, it’s been not only important information for me, but exciting to know how these steps will help lead me in the right direction when opening my own business in the future. So with this said, let’s begin with my last final thoughts and what tools will be an everlasting memory for me in the upcoming future of my career.

Walking into this social media class, I wasn’t completely blind about what technology this world had to offer. As a matter of fact, I pretty much thought I knew it all. After weeks of discussion on tools to back businesses and how they were used, it was amazing to find out I really knew nothing. It never crossed my mind that businesses and their branding missions, had to keep in tack so much promotional designs through using so many types of social media tools. It appeared to me, that businesses had a full-time job just staying on top of their brands and keeping their emerging technologies current and focused to promote a healthy well established company.

Some of these tools like, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were somewhat familiar to me in the aspect that I knew company’s used these for specific reasoning. The extent of the use in these tools was never an obvious thing to me before, until I focused more on why and how they were using them all. After learning so much with what these tools had to offer, I was amazed to find out, that wasn’t completely it. Companies hire bloggers, to keep customers updated, they create YouTube videos to promote their business, and they create their own personal websites and take advantage of the use in Pinterest and Instagram. The list goes on to many more possibilities to which a company can create and obtain a positive business.

The things that stood out to me the most were the possibilities in creating your own website to promote a business, the use of YouTube and how to create my own social media plan. I enjoyed everything I learned, but will really focus a lot of my time on these areas when opening my own company. The knowledge I’ve gained in knowing all these areas, will help me focus on what’s important for my business. It will help be gain a well-based clientele, help my business grow and keep me organized and frequent with promotions and product. Maintaining a positive branding system for my business will ensure me that I’m making the appropriate steps in creating a successful foundation for my company.

After 14 weeks there are so many things I could describe to you. There are certain aspects to which stood out to me the most, but with the future of my business ahead the use in all these tools will make for a bright, successful future. I’ve learned so much and have obtained information on social media I’ve never even heard of. So to wrap my final blog up, I’d like to thank my professor for a great semester and for the understanding of what social media, emerging technology really is. It’s been great and I have a lot to think about now when entering the business world when my college studies are complete.

Have a fantastic holiday everyone, see you in January!


Week #11 Blogging Assignment – Social Media Measurement Tools:

Week #11 Blogging Assignment
Social Media Measurement Tools:

Social media at its best! This week’s topic will be discussed on different social media measurement tools, and the advantages brought to you and your brand when having these tools in place for your company. They are created for individuals to zone in on engagement with their brands, providing you with information, and stabilizing you with a specific target audience. With all these in mind, there are several more reasons why having social media measurement tools in place is so important. This week I will choose three to which I would use based on my goals when writing my last blogging assignment on my social media plan. These three measurement tools will work best for me now, to provide me with information in knowing whether my social media networking is guiding me in the right direction. The three I chose for this assignment are, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and WordPress Stats. The reasoning behind the three I have chosen is simply because it will provide me with web analytics, Facebook feedback on my page, and stats in providing me with information on my blogs through wordpress.

Let’s dive right in with web analytics and discuss Google Analytics with a list of pros and cons on how this measurement tool can be a successful way to keep you informed on all your trends through an entire web base. Google Analytics is great and provides you with several different means of activities and traffic brought through a website. I would use this for the specific reasoning in because, if I were to ever create and own my own website this would provide me with the information I needed in how, who, and why people are visiting it. The list goes on with what Google Analytics and how they can provide you with efficient and effective tools. For starters they provide you with standard reporting and custom reporting analysis. They also provide you with an informative chart with listing visitors in coloured categories. You can see daily visits, traffic types, and even information on times and different countries that have visited your website. This also provides you with cross channeling and mobile solutions, to which you can measure mobile activities such as, apps and mobile websites. This is easily setup on any phone for marketing and keeping in close contact with all visitors anytime and anywhere. With a huge list of pros that Google Analytics can provide you with, the only down fall I witnessed from this was trying to watch a video on their premium support services, and it was unable to play, also if you were in store for a service provided through measurement tools, this one gives you complete in-depth information surrounding every aspect, so it can be somewhat overwhelming. I have nothing to bad to say about this service, it’s a fantastic way in keeping informed with your website, but just note is full of different services and may be hard to follow everything they offer.

Next up for successful measurement tools is Facebook insights. This tool is setup to keep you informed on specific details, to which will help you in providing you with the popular content needed in making your Facebook page successful. In full view it will show your demographic audience and establish for you where you may, or may not need to make any changes. In order to keep a successful Facebook page, it’s important to see where you could possibly need to make your changes, or if what you’re viewing for your audience is sufficient. In providing you with detail on your whole demographic growth, it keeps you established in knowing your page is on the appropriate track it intends on being. This would be a measurement tool that would help me gain a popular demographic for my business, sharing options and information provided through URL’s will help optimize a successful tool for my entire audience. The down fall of this measurement tool is, unless you have a created Facebook page, it’s not easily accessed for a whole entire view of what they have to offer. I would have liked to get a little more in depth with it, if it would have allowed me the access.

Last, but definitely never the least, is good old WordPress stats. This one is exciting only because I’ve established and am currently posting blogs on WordPress, this will provide me with detail on how my blog pages are doing. For instance if I were to create and establish a website for a company, I could link my page to WordPress and in all my blog posts I could keep customers informed with my services, products, promotions, contact information, and many more other options through advertising. Id create my blogs to entice my customers to return on a daily bases for more current up-to-date information. It would be laid out in the way it would create an enjoyable experience for all my customers and or even just people who chose to view it from time to time. Unlike Google analytics and even Facebook insight, this service is easily used and provides me with clear information on whom my bloggers are and where they are coming from. It gives clear views of what people click on when viewing my blog and links me to my dashboard to view comments posted on my blogs. There is nothing bad I can say about this, easily used, provides me with all the information I need by viewers, and is very consistent.

After successfully researching and even signing up for a couple of these measurement tools, I’ve found them all to be a great way in providing you with feedback on your demographic. Some are definitely better than others, but all have distinct reasoning behind everything you choose to select when emerging through social media and creating a positive trend for yourself. Whichever way you choose to advertise, whether it is web based, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, there is a social media measurement tool easily selected for all those things. It’s so important to remember the feedback you get is the information you need to remain and be successful. Without these measurement tools you have no way of knowing the activity brought through any of these, so how would you know where you need to make changes? Staying successful is key to being successful and without the use of social media and the advantages that follow behind that, there is no use in believing you will succeed unless there is proven attempt followed through with it.

Week #10 Blogging Assignment – Social Media Plan

Week #10 – Social Media Plan

This week’s blogging assignment is put in place for me to create a social media business plan for a fictional company called Extreme Promotional Materials. I will be describing a detailed layout of resources they will use to back their company up when using various discussions based on the appropriate approach in containing and providing this business with a successful social media business plan.


Supporting your business in all aspects for success is an extreme necessity when focusing on certain stand points of how and why it’s important to have a social media plan put in place. Why is it important to have a social media plan? Well it’s important to have this layout put in place providing information on all various tools you would use in supporting your company (Keeping it updated and fresh is also important to remember as well). Social media plans can always change depending on where your business stands at that current time. My company Extreme Promotional Materials will use this in supporting me with my “mission, vision, goals”, and “key messages” in laying out an appropriate approach in who my target audience will be, and how I will use these methods in supporting a successful base in using social media tools for every aspect of containing my business with all current and up-to-date information.

Mission, Vision, Goals:

At Extreme Promotional Material, we aim to providing our customers with high end personalized uniforms and promotional materials for all sporting teams and businesses across South Eastern Ontario. Supplying everything from team logos placed on jerseys to personalized office pens for your company. Our approach is satisfactory in supplying our customers with a quick and easy online approach; to build and create whatever they desire with a full view of what they have put together themselves before placing their order. The steps in creating what you wish are easy and your results are amazing with sufficient guarantee of our quickest delivery possible. Our website can be easily accessed for ordering at http://www.extremepromotionalmaterials.personalized.com
Providing our customers with the easiest access in technology possible is just one of the goals our company strives to be successful in fulfilling.

Our goal here at Extreme Promotional Material is achieving complete satisfaction, providing our customer base with a variety of goods and services that we have spent over 15 years putting in place. Staffing our company with approximately 20 employees all trained in striving to make people happy and satisfied, guarantees us with the highest rate in success for the work we do. Our customer base is quite large and growing, so for achieving the goals we so proudly commit to, we have to keep a wide range of tools in place for making people’s lives easier in creating what they desire in the way of what our company has to offer. Our Online access is key to providing a larger customer base, showing customers what they have created and providing them with the tools of being able to create their stuff from the comfort of their own home.

Key Messages:

In containing a successful customer business rate the things we continually want our customers to know about us is.
 Our amazing online access in building and creating whatever their imagination leads them in doing.
 You Tube videos of current and up-to-date promos and stock
 Currently and always looking to expand to both geographical and niche markets throughout South Eastern Ontario
 Positive feedback in regards to staff and relationships made between our company and the public
 Our community and what we provide in containing a large service base
 Examples of logos and all accumulated lettering we provide for jerseys and any other sports wear
 How well our company is established, it’s offerings, and a full range of staff for every desired question that needs to be asked
Extreme Promotional Material has a well intact customer base and continues to provide all our customers with the guarantee of appropriate well put together products and services.

Target Audience:

Extreme Promotional Material has no particular audience they intend on reaching out to. With the growth of this company over the years, we strive to establish a wide range of ages in producing several different products and advertising them through our social media online bases to keep a large group in place. With producing so many inventive ways to use our products, it has pulled in a sustainable amount of ages throughout the years and continues to grow for the upcoming years as well.

Social Media Tools:

With the use of social media in advertising Extreme Promotional Material, we use as mentioned before, our own online website. Setup to provide customers with at home access to building and ordering what it is they desire. We also provide You Tube videos, displaying current up-to-date promos and stock. This is used to show our customers not only what our company has designed in the past, but promotions available and what they might look like for visual stand points for our customers. We currently have obtained a Facebook page and continually advertise for our customers to join and “LIKE” our products. It’s displaying several pictures of our employees and creations made. Customers even tend to join in on the fun from time to time, by posting their own pictures of what they had ordered on our Facebook page. It of course once again is always there for advertisement purposes as well. The use of the three social media tools I’ve just spoken about keeps are all ages group informed. They are laid out to make customers lives easier and our success rate HIGH! There is a wide range of tools here to contain an easy use for all ages anywhere and at any time for easy access.

Social Media Engagement Strategy:

In order to achieve and stay frequent with my social media plan, it will be first off updated frequently to keep it informed with the current times. It will always relate in keeping in tone with my target audience, being of all ages. Our goals are reached and completed on a day to day bases, and will continue to provide all guarantee in succeeding with our intensions of backing our goals we have put in place. New goals on occasion will be created to extend and even further our company’s brands. All social media tools will be used for what they were intended for, advertising and staying frequent with our customer’s needs. They will be updated daily, with information posted daily and new videos displayed weekly on You Tube. An overall view of how our company plans to stay frequent with our social media plan is an encouraged way to containing all our set goals we have put in place to continue to be successful.


Extreme Promotional Material has and will continue to market a full range of successful products. Our staff and community have been wonderful in creating and making what Extreme Promotional Material is today and were thankful for everything that has been done for us. We have obtained a successful customer rate with a successful social media plan put in place and as promised will continue to follow through on our goals and commitments in providing our customers with the best affordable products available. Our easy to use online website will continue to be updated and available for all customers to sit comfortable and order from home, we strive in succeeding and will keep our promise in guaranteeing our customers the best!

Improving Your Digital Footprint

  Week #9 Blogging Assignment:
Improving Your Digital Footprint

 Personal branding is important to keep in mind when creating a positive name for yourself. Future professions or even current professions can be affected by appearance, clothing, body language, and wrongful distinguished wording provided by posts made on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. In this week’s blogging assignment I will be discussing three different strategies to create and obtain a positive digital footprint for myself, providing explanation towards containing and building an online personal branding system to intensify a well-known name for when employers research me through Google. All these steps will provide logical information all individuals can take in affect when preparing a proper digital footprint for themselves.

After watching the 2012 Social Job Seeker Survey provided by jobvite, I witnessed several individuals who lost their job over wrongful photos, videos, and posts they made on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Employers take these situations very seriously now, so it’s important to remember what you’re creating for yourself every time you post something.

Now being a business student here at Loyalist College, it’s important for my future employment to create a positive name to provide employers with a full intensified knowledge of who I really am as a person. The first step in preparing this is for me to attempt going through all Facebook photos and deleting all that I feel to be inappropriate. Any that are shown with me drinking or even clearly identify that I’m present in a bar will be removed. If you take the time to watch the link above you will gather the information about why this is important to do so. Also going through your Facebook timeline and deleting any wrongful posts made by you or someone else is an important thing to remember as well. Even though you are provided with several privacy settings through Facebook, (which I suggest they are all set, to block outsiders), is never guaranteed that future employers won’t be able to see it, or hear about it from someone else. I will also UN tag myself from friends photos and contact anybody if necessary to remove the photo they have posted with me in it. Keeping a good positive name through Facebook is step one for providing me with a great way to control my personal footprint.

Step two in building a personal branding footprint, I will focus on Twitter. It will be controlled by me in keeping a correct focus on who I’m following, and who is following me. Seeing how Twitter is a new social media tool for me, it currently doesn’t contain any photos of me and will remain that way unless they are professional. It will continue to obtain its current status in only providing whoever visits me with information of my continual education in business until otherwise. Twitter for me is used by staying updated on certain events; it’s not something I provide my followers with in writing about anything in particular. It will remain positive the way it’s intended to be and when writing about anything I will continue to be careful on what exactly I’m writing about. Keep in mind, Facebook and Twitter aren’t intended for cursing and vulgar language, it’s to make positive status updates and will not be used that way for me. Staying in tuned with this will guarantee me and any future employers with satisfied results in viewing my Twitter profile.

My third and final step in pursuing a professional status will be to keep myself updated with Google. It’s important for all individuals to remember that you can obtain information and photos regarding yourself on Google. Google your name frequently and hit images to see what appears is very important. Other people do contain the same name as you and it could affect you in a huge way when an employer chooses to search for you this way. I will on a regular base be checking in with Google and will remember the more positive information on the internet I provide, it will ensure Google images contain proper photos displayed of me on the first present page. The more involvement I can associate myself with through the internet will give me guaranteed results when being searched by other people. I will also contain and make corrections on my name, it’s viewing your name in its proper pronunciation that will be creating a personal branding, self-positioning name for myself when being searched.

In conclusion to keeping my personal branding correct and updated, I’ve realized all the importances of doing so.

Steps I’ll continue to keep in mind are:

– Erasing and updating photos
– Going through Facebook timeline
– Contacting friends for photo removal
– Keeping informed on who is following me on Twitter
– Only writing what’s necessary on statuses
– Creating a high profile over the internet
– Checking Google frequently
– Adding until my professional photos are displayed first on Google search images

All these will ensure me with guaranteed results and peace of mind when looking for employment. Knowing what employers will see when they search me, gives me complete satisfaction in knowing I’ve got a great opportunity in containing the job I’ve applied for. I highly suggest everyone follow these steps and stay frequent with it so it’s always fresh and positive. Also keeping in mind for everyone, including myself about how important it is when posting statuses, or writing blogs that the use of correct punctuation and spelling is very important. There would be nothing worse than to search someone that not only has a bad photo, but can’t spell either. I’ve learnt so much from this and will apply this information now and forever in the future!

Technology use through Social Media and Emerging Trends:

Week #8 Blogging Assignment:

In social media, it’s important in business to know the different emerging trends provided to you and to stay acquainted with these through online articles. A few resources in providing you with many different articles about our social media world are Mashable, Social Media Explorer, and TechCrunch. This week’s blogging assignment is laid out for me to describe an article from each of these websites in my own words and explain the importance’s of how these articles impact our world of business through social media technology.

The first website I browsed was Mashable it has many stories that are updated hourly every day. With many different possibilities to choose from, it was hard to choose an article to discuss. After reviewing several articles I decided that the article called, (Twitter voting Predictors Give Mixed Signals) was the most interesting one for me to describe. This gives insight on how people are voting for the upcoming presidential election through Twitter and the difficulties in confusions by doing this.

Confusions are raising a concern on voting, two websites created for voting purposes through Twitter are stating two total different percentages between Romney and Obama. A couple months ago a site called Prez-o-meter was installed to give individuals an online availability for voting purposes; a few days ago another was created called TweetCast. These are giving uncertain voting results based on what they assume to be “sarcasm”. They state that sarcasm is a tricky language and the websites aren’t recognizing this language provided by voters. They did tests with the use of sarcasm to identify whether or not this was the issue and found when entering information into both these sites it obtained once again mixed results. The creator O’Banion states he hasn’t completely started full analysis on this feedback data but has found TweetCast to be 80% accurate for the people who tweet about politics, but only 65% for those who don’t. He hopes with this being only a few days old it will in time correct itself and maintain an accurate voting system.

This tool is useful in social media for business in the way it makes individuals voting needs easy. When corrections are made to Prez-o-meter and TweetCast this will obtain an easy way for presidential electors to receive the votes they need from everyone. In business today it’s important to strategize ways to make an easy- to- use tool for people to feel more comfortable with supporting you. With using social media in a business it helps promoting and keeping in a wide range of individuals, to stay successful and well-known in today’s world. Using Twitter for business through voting will help intrigue more people to vote that use Twitter and provide a good quantity of people to continue to use these tools more frequently.

Next in line for emerging trends is Social Media Explorer. With also providing everyone with a wide range of social media newsletters, it’s also a very reliable website to visit for frequent updates. The story I have chosen from this website is, (What is dark Social and should it Effect your Content Strategy). On Twitter chatter the words “dark social” seem to pop up quite frequently, also known as “direct social”. This was invented by Atlantic writer Alexia Madrigal to help describe ways of social sharing through e-mail and IM tools. These are all based on URLs through blog posts and online articles and what it means for individuals who prefer to keep their information private. 50% of dark social traffic is being presented through sites from mobile phones and information being shared in the dark is presuming a problem for individuals who want to share privately, opposed to posting all their information on Facebook or Twitter. The only worries anybody has with using direct traffic is when (brand marketing) is involved. URLs can be typed in by people with other individual’s information appearing after doing so. It should be rethought if those are your intensions when using direct traffic.

If you are a person that wants to spread your information this would be the necessary way to go in doing so. For social media in business purposes this would be the proper approach to use if you decided going with “dark social” better known as “direct social”. It’s a fast effective way to spread information around using URLs and can be fantastic for a company’s promotion needs when using blogs or online articles. Not intended for use of individuals who have nothing to promote for a company and want to keep their information private, it certainly isn’t permitted for that sort of use but keeps a good range for individuals who want to spread their URLs.

Next up for emerging trends in the social media technology is TechCrunch. With being a website that shares a bit more technical information, I found it to be hard to follow in some areas. TechCrunch still provided me with the availability in showing me the hottest new information with involving social media, but displayed higher in-depth wording to do so. The article I chose to speak about is called, (The Network Isn’t Good Enough). I found this article to be one of the easiest for me to follow and also interesting to speak about.

Bell telephone being the first effect in the network community was established nearly 100 years ago. Since this, many networks have been created to perform a variety of tools based on the trends of social media. When Bell was first established, it was the network created for companies to use and sell their products, since this customers use Facebook, Twitter and Google profiles to join or add services. The network now only takes seconds to advertise your product, and seconds for customers to stay connected with what you have to offer with prompt updates daily. The convenience with technologies in using these networks now have over ridded the network that “use to be”, people choose the easiest route now leaving say, Bell telephone and their availabilities with using fax and such features in the dark.

The network, as people see it is their own preference in how they intend on using it. With the available resources and how quick and efficient they are to use, this more than definitely leaves the old networks to be obsolete in today’s technology. I wonder in most cases, how did companies promote their business before all our new found resources? Did only using Bell telephone make it a successful way to network their business? In the matter of now, I would assume it to be easier to broadcast your information, with now having all these resources to help you do so. Facebook, Twitter and online websites using blogs to promote your business makes for companies to expand and keep a central success rate through social media.

In conclusion to my research and information, it’s obvious out of all the articles I chose, how social media impacts today’s businesses. The use of all these tools is found to have high success rates in today’s world and has become the way everyone strives to be successful. In keeping up with the trends in social media, it’s important to keep updated on what’s going on by visiting these websites presented to you today. Some are better than others but all give great news articles providing you with recent activity in today’s social media trends. They are all updated very frequently and are interesting to browse through even if you don’t use networking at all. They give you the good and the bad about everything dealing with Facebook, Twitter, cell phones like Apple, and many others. Being that I’ve been through all three of these I do prefer Mashable, its layout was fun and I enjoyed reading through it, I will definitely keep myself updated by visiting this again.

Social Media in the use of Apps to promote your Business:

Week #7 Blogging Assignment.

Social Media in the use of Apps to promote your business:

Social Media is the new advanced way in technology used by companies and businesses to promote services and goods. Displaying advertisements through technology is how this world uses their services for advertisements, promotions, new stock and many more. This week’s blog is based on me describing in my own words which apps I feel to be the most appropriate way to promote a business and how I would make use of the apps to do so. My two choices based on experience and research would have to be Instagram and QR codes. The use of these two apps would make the promotion of any business easy, fun and a successful way to show the world what you have to offer.

Instagram and QR codes are an easy to use app found right on any smartphone. They’re downloaded quickly with immediate use provided to anybody with the quickest access possible to get started on any project. They’re made and there to provide every smartphone users with instant camera use to take the quickest pictures of your choice to post. It’s also made for the option of easily accessing any past photos taken from your phones gallery. With the QR code apps, it’s made scanning of any code in a grocery or liqueur store fun and easy to use for quick information on any product you have interest in.

I’ve chosen these apps for business promotions because they’re easy and fun to use. They can be accessed anywhere at any time with the use of your cell phone, so making and adding what you want for your business is simple no matter where you are. My first choice being Instagram brings photo shop into a whole new light. Choose from your gallery or take a new photo and create it into a work of art through different options made by Instagram. It would be a great app to use, creating your own page through Instagram providing several photos of your company for the world to view. The use of Instagram is completely amazing, with using photos the way you remember them to be back in the day. With a square outlining, you can frame your photo or just leave it as is. You have several choices of lighting provided to get the best fit for any photo. A photo never looks bad when using Intagram.

If I were to own a business and needed a fun way to advertise my supplies, I would create and use a page through Instagram posting several edited photos of what I had to offer through my company. In the case that I owned my own clothing store, I would promote my clothing through photos. It would be updated every day with pictures of what’s on sale and what’s new in stock with in accordance to every season. It would be sectioned off and labeled so anybody that was to browse my page could find things in the easiest way possible, without any struggle. I would invite friends on Facebook to check it out and share my page, so friends would take lead in doing it as well. With pictures full of colour and even in black and white I would have every possible creation used by Intsagram to show customers the beauty of what is offered in my store.

Here are some great examples of what Instagram looks like after using its great technics to change a photo around.


QR codes would be an excellent use of scanning equipment to put on your product. If for example now I owned a winery, it could be easy for customers to grab their cell phone and use their QR code app to scan a bottle of wine to get full details on alcohol content, what it’s made with, age and many other options provided through the availability of having the option to scan product. It would be a great tool to use in your business, making it easy for customers to obtain the details they require when visiting your store. It would entice all customers to continue to buy your wine if it was so easily accessed to information with the use of QR codes. When having this option, it would be promoted through advertisement that we had the easy access to everybody’s convenience through QR codes and would describe how the option could be available to them. Every bottle of wine in my store would contain this bar code for all my customers’ needs and it would be displayed in the front window of my store for customers to read and retain what they need to know about it.
The use of both apps would contain excellent sources in making any company or business successful for promoting purposes. With both apps displaying in visual and information related purposes it would make a business shine with knowing that customers had the option to browse through content available through these apps accessed on their cell phones. In any business I would own the use of both these apps would be appropriate for all circumstances. To reach out and advertise using these social media tools is a great step into anything you pertain to do in life and in business.

Week #6 Blogging Assignment – Pet Pawsitive

Pet Pawsitive

                                                                                                                                             Week #6 Blogging Assignment:

This week’s blogging assignment is to describe in my own words how I would promote this business (Pet Pawsitive) with the use of online video, YouTube. Pet Pawsitive is based on a one stop shop for your pet’s needs; it provides behavioral and Psychological training for both pets and their owners, it includes basic animal education, obedience, rehabilitation, and service classes. With two locations in both Belleville and Kingston, they both provide all-natural and holistic pet foods and varieties of training supplies. Pet Pawsitive works closely with national shelters and human societies to connect individuals with their next animal companion due to not selling animals from their own business. Pet Pawsitive has 6 to 10 employees at each location providing customers with management, retail clerks, and certified trainers. This blog will in great detail explain how I would create a YouTube video demonstrating how I would promote this business to be successful and pull in a great deal of cliental.

In creating a YouTube video containing the information needed to promote the business Pet Pawsitive. I would use both serious and funny information facts to keep viewers entertained while watching, and not take their focus off the video. I would want it to catch their attention immediately with showing them a funny dog trick and anything comical involving pets usually keeps viewers intrigued with a hysterical laughter.
I would then go into detail of all product and services with captures of both locations showing customers the detail of these stores and making them feel comfortable through video of the surroundings of Pet Pawsitive. The information would contain everything from pet foods, pet training, locations with directions, services provided to pet owners, and connections available through shelters and human societies.

The information provided would be spoken by an employee of Pet Pawsitive with flashes of photos of other employees working with customers and their pets. Showing demonstrations of the education, obedience, and rehabilitation service classes it will contain a security for visitors’ of the work Pet Pawsitive has to offer.

Near the end it will show short video clips of their certified trainers working with pets with a soft tone of music in the background. I would then end this video with a couple funnier dog and cat videos to end my YouTube video with again more laughter to put one more smile on my viewers’ faces. As the funny tricks videos are ending in big bubble letters along the screen it would show Belleville and Kingston locations and addresses with telephone numbers and people to contact to provide them with any information.

My video would show great detail and would contain viewers’ attention with nice colours and music. It would provide all information needed with the option of contacting personal with more questions if necessary. With starting my video with funny clips at both beginning and end will definitely show the good sense of humour brought from the employees of Pet Pawsitive. It would contain a variety of types of videos for promoting, including demostration video, behind-the-scenes,and product and serives. To give a great detail of creativity to my YouTube video.