Week #3 Blogging Assignment

Week #3 Blogging Assignment
GM FastLane

Find auto shows, designs, cars, trucks, and anything associated with business on GM’s blogging site. With photos of the day stay in tuned with new products and sales by following what GM has to offer. Everything is posted and easy to run through when entering into this blog, with unique colour contrast and visible links to click on for information GM provides a fast and easy way to swift through all products with pictures of everything you are looking for.

GM promotes a Facebook page and offers everyone to follow them on Twitter; they keep in tuned with every possible social media tool being used by them on their blog. They have contests through Facebook which tells and shows pictures of the winners also in which is enticing for
all customers to join at the chance to win.

They are easily located off their blog to access Facebook and Twitter with one click of your mouse, the conversation between them and customers are lined down the side of the page with great interaction and given the option to join any conversation you wish. They have archives posted by year and month going all the way back to 2008 with any information regarding what offers they had back then, or anything you wish to search about their company.

In my opinion GM uses their blog very well. It’s being used daily with all updates renewed; the use of Twitter and Facebook being easily accessible is great to have a one stop shop provided for everybody. The layout is immaculate with a wide range of information regarding even sales associates you wish to contact. I feel it’s a great way to promote your business and used completely thoroughly on GM’s blog.


In conclusion to GM’s blog and their company in general I feel is satisfactory in my point of view, being a GM owner myself knowing now what they provide to their costumers is comforting to know they are easily contacted through so many social media tools without wondering how long you will be on the phone to get a question properly answered about their products and services. It would take you a complete day or more to serf through everything they provide on their blog it’s so full of pictures and information that it would keep you occupied with what you have to see. I will definitely be visiting this blog again and keeping engaged with their Facebook and Twitter account as well, it’s amazing the things that will come out of being connected with this huge company and knowing everything I need to know through posts.


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