Week #5 Blogging Assignment

Week #5 Blogging Assignment
 Le Senza on Facebook (Beyond Sexy)

While Facebook is one of the biggest social media tools around the world many companies use it to promote their stores, locations, inventory, promotions, and even contests. Me personally like most individuals, use Facebook to keep in close touch with family and friends who live out of town or who you just don’t see very often because of your hectic life. So when entering Facebook It’s nice to see picture updates of kids and how much they have grown, or new additions to the family. There are a very few companies that I like on Facebook, but my favorite one that I’ve liked for quite a while now is Le Senza. Months ago I was messaged by long lost friend that was entering into one of Le Senza’s contests and needed as many votes as she could get for the chance to win a trip for two to Las Vegas. Being that she did win the trip I continued to like Le Senza ever since to keep in close contact of all the things they have to offer.

Since being in tuned with Le Senza I’ve been aware of all their sales and recent contests to be entered on, they have a new update everyday with amazing pictures that even me being a girl is amused with. The pictures at times may be a little graphic, but show amazing colour and spunk; it’s hard not to check it out. The way they use their Facebook is so amazing for all the valuable costumers that continue to check them out, they are a huge company and well known for lingerie, underwear, bras, and pajamas. I’m personally a huge fan and look forward to seeing the promotions Le Senza has to offer on a daily basis.

When entering into Le Senza’s Facebook page, it immediately catches your attention. The colours and pictures are amazing! They use their Facebook page primarily for pictures on new arrivals and contests, while many people like their entire new product and leave a huge amount of comments on each picture posted by Le Senza there is not much communication on their part. I feel if a personal message was sent to them you may receive a reply, but as far as them commenting in return to comments posted it doesn’t seem to happen. Most comments are positive and many people love their product, but there is a small percent that will leave the odd jealousy remark, commenting on how skinny the models are.

Me personally being a huge Le Senza fan, loves having the contact with them on Facebook. I absolutely enjoy just simply liking a page and receiving all the information that I need to know on that company. Le Senza is definitely my favorite for many reasons, the colour and photos provided from them is huge to me. Something that can catch my eye within the quickest second is great advertising, and the fact they offer what they do in the way of contests and promotions I find to be a great way to keep a positive and successful Facebook page.

Like Le Senza on Facebook, you won’t regret it.


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