Week #6 Blogging Assignment – Pet Pawsitive

Pet Pawsitive

                                                                                                                                             Week #6 Blogging Assignment:

This week’s blogging assignment is to describe in my own words how I would promote this business (Pet Pawsitive) with the use of online video, YouTube. Pet Pawsitive is based on a one stop shop for your pet’s needs; it provides behavioral and Psychological training for both pets and their owners, it includes basic animal education, obedience, rehabilitation, and service classes. With two locations in both Belleville and Kingston, they both provide all-natural and holistic pet foods and varieties of training supplies. Pet Pawsitive works closely with national shelters and human societies to connect individuals with their next animal companion due to not selling animals from their own business. Pet Pawsitive has 6 to 10 employees at each location providing customers with management, retail clerks, and certified trainers. This blog will in great detail explain how I would create a YouTube video demonstrating how I would promote this business to be successful and pull in a great deal of cliental.

In creating a YouTube video containing the information needed to promote the business Pet Pawsitive. I would use both serious and funny information facts to keep viewers entertained while watching, and not take their focus off the video. I would want it to catch their attention immediately with showing them a funny dog trick and anything comical involving pets usually keeps viewers intrigued with a hysterical laughter.
I would then go into detail of all product and services with captures of both locations showing customers the detail of these stores and making them feel comfortable through video of the surroundings of Pet Pawsitive. The information would contain everything from pet foods, pet training, locations with directions, services provided to pet owners, and connections available through shelters and human societies.

The information provided would be spoken by an employee of Pet Pawsitive with flashes of photos of other employees working with customers and their pets. Showing demonstrations of the education, obedience, and rehabilitation service classes it will contain a security for visitors’ of the work Pet Pawsitive has to offer.

Near the end it will show short video clips of their certified trainers working with pets with a soft tone of music in the background. I would then end this video with a couple funnier dog and cat videos to end my YouTube video with again more laughter to put one more smile on my viewers’ faces. As the funny tricks videos are ending in big bubble letters along the screen it would show Belleville and Kingston locations and addresses with telephone numbers and people to contact to provide them with any information.

My video would show great detail and would contain viewers’ attention with nice colours and music. It would provide all information needed with the option of contacting personal with more questions if necessary. With starting my video with funny clips at both beginning and end will definitely show the good sense of humour brought from the employees of Pet Pawsitive. It would contain a variety of types of videos for promoting, including demostration video, behind-the-scenes,and product and serives. To give a great detail of creativity to my YouTube video.


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