Social Media in the use of Apps to promote your Business:

Week #7 Blogging Assignment.

Social Media in the use of Apps to promote your business:

Social Media is the new advanced way in technology used by companies and businesses to promote services and goods. Displaying advertisements through technology is how this world uses their services for advertisements, promotions, new stock and many more. This week’s blog is based on me describing in my own words which apps I feel to be the most appropriate way to promote a business and how I would make use of the apps to do so. My two choices based on experience and research would have to be Instagram and QR codes. The use of these two apps would make the promotion of any business easy, fun and a successful way to show the world what you have to offer.

Instagram and QR codes are an easy to use app found right on any smartphone. They’re downloaded quickly with immediate use provided to anybody with the quickest access possible to get started on any project. They’re made and there to provide every smartphone users with instant camera use to take the quickest pictures of your choice to post. It’s also made for the option of easily accessing any past photos taken from your phones gallery. With the QR code apps, it’s made scanning of any code in a grocery or liqueur store fun and easy to use for quick information on any product you have interest in.

I’ve chosen these apps for business promotions because they’re easy and fun to use. They can be accessed anywhere at any time with the use of your cell phone, so making and adding what you want for your business is simple no matter where you are. My first choice being Instagram brings photo shop into a whole new light. Choose from your gallery or take a new photo and create it into a work of art through different options made by Instagram. It would be a great app to use, creating your own page through Instagram providing several photos of your company for the world to view. The use of Instagram is completely amazing, with using photos the way you remember them to be back in the day. With a square outlining, you can frame your photo or just leave it as is. You have several choices of lighting provided to get the best fit for any photo. A photo never looks bad when using Intagram.

If I were to own a business and needed a fun way to advertise my supplies, I would create and use a page through Instagram posting several edited photos of what I had to offer through my company. In the case that I owned my own clothing store, I would promote my clothing through photos. It would be updated every day with pictures of what’s on sale and what’s new in stock with in accordance to every season. It would be sectioned off and labeled so anybody that was to browse my page could find things in the easiest way possible, without any struggle. I would invite friends on Facebook to check it out and share my page, so friends would take lead in doing it as well. With pictures full of colour and even in black and white I would have every possible creation used by Intsagram to show customers the beauty of what is offered in my store.

Here are some great examples of what Instagram looks like after using its great technics to change a photo around.


QR codes would be an excellent use of scanning equipment to put on your product. If for example now I owned a winery, it could be easy for customers to grab their cell phone and use their QR code app to scan a bottle of wine to get full details on alcohol content, what it’s made with, age and many other options provided through the availability of having the option to scan product. It would be a great tool to use in your business, making it easy for customers to obtain the details they require when visiting your store. It would entice all customers to continue to buy your wine if it was so easily accessed to information with the use of QR codes. When having this option, it would be promoted through advertisement that we had the easy access to everybody’s convenience through QR codes and would describe how the option could be available to them. Every bottle of wine in my store would contain this bar code for all my customers’ needs and it would be displayed in the front window of my store for customers to read and retain what they need to know about it.
The use of both apps would contain excellent sources in making any company or business successful for promoting purposes. With both apps displaying in visual and information related purposes it would make a business shine with knowing that customers had the option to browse through content available through these apps accessed on their cell phones. In any business I would own the use of both these apps would be appropriate for all circumstances. To reach out and advertise using these social media tools is a great step into anything you pertain to do in life and in business.


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