Technology use through Social Media and Emerging Trends:

Week #8 Blogging Assignment:

In social media, it’s important in business to know the different emerging trends provided to you and to stay acquainted with these through online articles. A few resources in providing you with many different articles about our social media world are Mashable, Social Media Explorer, and TechCrunch. This week’s blogging assignment is laid out for me to describe an article from each of these websites in my own words and explain the importance’s of how these articles impact our world of business through social media technology.

The first website I browsed was Mashable it has many stories that are updated hourly every day. With many different possibilities to choose from, it was hard to choose an article to discuss. After reviewing several articles I decided that the article called, (Twitter voting Predictors Give Mixed Signals) was the most interesting one for me to describe. This gives insight on how people are voting for the upcoming presidential election through Twitter and the difficulties in confusions by doing this.

Confusions are raising a concern on voting, two websites created for voting purposes through Twitter are stating two total different percentages between Romney and Obama. A couple months ago a site called Prez-o-meter was installed to give individuals an online availability for voting purposes; a few days ago another was created called TweetCast. These are giving uncertain voting results based on what they assume to be “sarcasm”. They state that sarcasm is a tricky language and the websites aren’t recognizing this language provided by voters. They did tests with the use of sarcasm to identify whether or not this was the issue and found when entering information into both these sites it obtained once again mixed results. The creator O’Banion states he hasn’t completely started full analysis on this feedback data but has found TweetCast to be 80% accurate for the people who tweet about politics, but only 65% for those who don’t. He hopes with this being only a few days old it will in time correct itself and maintain an accurate voting system.

This tool is useful in social media for business in the way it makes individuals voting needs easy. When corrections are made to Prez-o-meter and TweetCast this will obtain an easy way for presidential electors to receive the votes they need from everyone. In business today it’s important to strategize ways to make an easy- to- use tool for people to feel more comfortable with supporting you. With using social media in a business it helps promoting and keeping in a wide range of individuals, to stay successful and well-known in today’s world. Using Twitter for business through voting will help intrigue more people to vote that use Twitter and provide a good quantity of people to continue to use these tools more frequently.

Next in line for emerging trends is Social Media Explorer. With also providing everyone with a wide range of social media newsletters, it’s also a very reliable website to visit for frequent updates. The story I have chosen from this website is, (What is dark Social and should it Effect your Content Strategy). On Twitter chatter the words “dark social” seem to pop up quite frequently, also known as “direct social”. This was invented by Atlantic writer Alexia Madrigal to help describe ways of social sharing through e-mail and IM tools. These are all based on URLs through blog posts and online articles and what it means for individuals who prefer to keep their information private. 50% of dark social traffic is being presented through sites from mobile phones and information being shared in the dark is presuming a problem for individuals who want to share privately, opposed to posting all their information on Facebook or Twitter. The only worries anybody has with using direct traffic is when (brand marketing) is involved. URLs can be typed in by people with other individual’s information appearing after doing so. It should be rethought if those are your intensions when using direct traffic.

If you are a person that wants to spread your information this would be the necessary way to go in doing so. For social media in business purposes this would be the proper approach to use if you decided going with “dark social” better known as “direct social”. It’s a fast effective way to spread information around using URLs and can be fantastic for a company’s promotion needs when using blogs or online articles. Not intended for use of individuals who have nothing to promote for a company and want to keep their information private, it certainly isn’t permitted for that sort of use but keeps a good range for individuals who want to spread their URLs.

Next up for emerging trends in the social media technology is TechCrunch. With being a website that shares a bit more technical information, I found it to be hard to follow in some areas. TechCrunch still provided me with the availability in showing me the hottest new information with involving social media, but displayed higher in-depth wording to do so. The article I chose to speak about is called, (The Network Isn’t Good Enough). I found this article to be one of the easiest for me to follow and also interesting to speak about.

Bell telephone being the first effect in the network community was established nearly 100 years ago. Since this, many networks have been created to perform a variety of tools based on the trends of social media. When Bell was first established, it was the network created for companies to use and sell their products, since this customers use Facebook, Twitter and Google profiles to join or add services. The network now only takes seconds to advertise your product, and seconds for customers to stay connected with what you have to offer with prompt updates daily. The convenience with technologies in using these networks now have over ridded the network that “use to be”, people choose the easiest route now leaving say, Bell telephone and their availabilities with using fax and such features in the dark.

The network, as people see it is their own preference in how they intend on using it. With the available resources and how quick and efficient they are to use, this more than definitely leaves the old networks to be obsolete in today’s technology. I wonder in most cases, how did companies promote their business before all our new found resources? Did only using Bell telephone make it a successful way to network their business? In the matter of now, I would assume it to be easier to broadcast your information, with now having all these resources to help you do so. Facebook, Twitter and online websites using blogs to promote your business makes for companies to expand and keep a central success rate through social media.

In conclusion to my research and information, it’s obvious out of all the articles I chose, how social media impacts today’s businesses. The use of all these tools is found to have high success rates in today’s world and has become the way everyone strives to be successful. In keeping up with the trends in social media, it’s important to keep updated on what’s going on by visiting these websites presented to you today. Some are better than others but all give great news articles providing you with recent activity in today’s social media trends. They are all updated very frequently and are interesting to browse through even if you don’t use networking at all. They give you the good and the bad about everything dealing with Facebook, Twitter, cell phones like Apple, and many others. Being that I’ve been through all three of these I do prefer Mashable, its layout was fun and I enjoyed reading through it, I will definitely keep myself updated by visiting this again.


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