Improving Your Digital Footprint

  Week #9 Blogging Assignment:
Improving Your Digital Footprint

 Personal branding is important to keep in mind when creating a positive name for yourself. Future professions or even current professions can be affected by appearance, clothing, body language, and wrongful distinguished wording provided by posts made on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. In this week’s blogging assignment I will be discussing three different strategies to create and obtain a positive digital footprint for myself, providing explanation towards containing and building an online personal branding system to intensify a well-known name for when employers research me through Google. All these steps will provide logical information all individuals can take in affect when preparing a proper digital footprint for themselves.

After watching the 2012 Social Job Seeker Survey provided by jobvite, I witnessed several individuals who lost their job over wrongful photos, videos, and posts they made on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Employers take these situations very seriously now, so it’s important to remember what you’re creating for yourself every time you post something.

Now being a business student here at Loyalist College, it’s important for my future employment to create a positive name to provide employers with a full intensified knowledge of who I really am as a person. The first step in preparing this is for me to attempt going through all Facebook photos and deleting all that I feel to be inappropriate. Any that are shown with me drinking or even clearly identify that I’m present in a bar will be removed. If you take the time to watch the link above you will gather the information about why this is important to do so. Also going through your Facebook timeline and deleting any wrongful posts made by you or someone else is an important thing to remember as well. Even though you are provided with several privacy settings through Facebook, (which I suggest they are all set, to block outsiders), is never guaranteed that future employers won’t be able to see it, or hear about it from someone else. I will also UN tag myself from friends photos and contact anybody if necessary to remove the photo they have posted with me in it. Keeping a good positive name through Facebook is step one for providing me with a great way to control my personal footprint.

Step two in building a personal branding footprint, I will focus on Twitter. It will be controlled by me in keeping a correct focus on who I’m following, and who is following me. Seeing how Twitter is a new social media tool for me, it currently doesn’t contain any photos of me and will remain that way unless they are professional. It will continue to obtain its current status in only providing whoever visits me with information of my continual education in business until otherwise. Twitter for me is used by staying updated on certain events; it’s not something I provide my followers with in writing about anything in particular. It will remain positive the way it’s intended to be and when writing about anything I will continue to be careful on what exactly I’m writing about. Keep in mind, Facebook and Twitter aren’t intended for cursing and vulgar language, it’s to make positive status updates and will not be used that way for me. Staying in tuned with this will guarantee me and any future employers with satisfied results in viewing my Twitter profile.

My third and final step in pursuing a professional status will be to keep myself updated with Google. It’s important for all individuals to remember that you can obtain information and photos regarding yourself on Google. Google your name frequently and hit images to see what appears is very important. Other people do contain the same name as you and it could affect you in a huge way when an employer chooses to search for you this way. I will on a regular base be checking in with Google and will remember the more positive information on the internet I provide, it will ensure Google images contain proper photos displayed of me on the first present page. The more involvement I can associate myself with through the internet will give me guaranteed results when being searched by other people. I will also contain and make corrections on my name, it’s viewing your name in its proper pronunciation that will be creating a personal branding, self-positioning name for myself when being searched.

In conclusion to keeping my personal branding correct and updated, I’ve realized all the importances of doing so.

Steps I’ll continue to keep in mind are:

– Erasing and updating photos
– Going through Facebook timeline
– Contacting friends for photo removal
– Keeping informed on who is following me on Twitter
– Only writing what’s necessary on statuses
– Creating a high profile over the internet
– Checking Google frequently
– Adding until my professional photos are displayed first on Google search images

All these will ensure me with guaranteed results and peace of mind when looking for employment. Knowing what employers will see when they search me, gives me complete satisfaction in knowing I’ve got a great opportunity in containing the job I’ve applied for. I highly suggest everyone follow these steps and stay frequent with it so it’s always fresh and positive. Also keeping in mind for everyone, including myself about how important it is when posting statuses, or writing blogs that the use of correct punctuation and spelling is very important. There would be nothing worse than to search someone that not only has a bad photo, but can’t spell either. I’ve learnt so much from this and will apply this information now and forever in the future!


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