Week #10 Blogging Assignment – Social Media Plan

Week #10 – Social Media Plan

This week’s blogging assignment is put in place for me to create a social media business plan for a fictional company called Extreme Promotional Materials. I will be describing a detailed layout of resources they will use to back their company up when using various discussions based on the appropriate approach in containing and providing this business with a successful social media business plan.


Supporting your business in all aspects for success is an extreme necessity when focusing on certain stand points of how and why it’s important to have a social media plan put in place. Why is it important to have a social media plan? Well it’s important to have this layout put in place providing information on all various tools you would use in supporting your company (Keeping it updated and fresh is also important to remember as well). Social media plans can always change depending on where your business stands at that current time. My company Extreme Promotional Materials will use this in supporting me with my “mission, vision, goals”, and “key messages” in laying out an appropriate approach in who my target audience will be, and how I will use these methods in supporting a successful base in using social media tools for every aspect of containing my business with all current and up-to-date information.

Mission, Vision, Goals:

At Extreme Promotional Material, we aim to providing our customers with high end personalized uniforms and promotional materials for all sporting teams and businesses across South Eastern Ontario. Supplying everything from team logos placed on jerseys to personalized office pens for your company. Our approach is satisfactory in supplying our customers with a quick and easy online approach; to build and create whatever they desire with a full view of what they have put together themselves before placing their order. The steps in creating what you wish are easy and your results are amazing with sufficient guarantee of our quickest delivery possible. Our website can be easily accessed for ordering at http://www.extremepromotionalmaterials.personalized.com
Providing our customers with the easiest access in technology possible is just one of the goals our company strives to be successful in fulfilling.

Our goal here at Extreme Promotional Material is achieving complete satisfaction, providing our customer base with a variety of goods and services that we have spent over 15 years putting in place. Staffing our company with approximately 20 employees all trained in striving to make people happy and satisfied, guarantees us with the highest rate in success for the work we do. Our customer base is quite large and growing, so for achieving the goals we so proudly commit to, we have to keep a wide range of tools in place for making people’s lives easier in creating what they desire in the way of what our company has to offer. Our Online access is key to providing a larger customer base, showing customers what they have created and providing them with the tools of being able to create their stuff from the comfort of their own home.

Key Messages:

In containing a successful customer business rate the things we continually want our customers to know about us is.
 Our amazing online access in building and creating whatever their imagination leads them in doing.
 You Tube videos of current and up-to-date promos and stock
 Currently and always looking to expand to both geographical and niche markets throughout South Eastern Ontario
 Positive feedback in regards to staff and relationships made between our company and the public
 Our community and what we provide in containing a large service base
 Examples of logos and all accumulated lettering we provide for jerseys and any other sports wear
 How well our company is established, it’s offerings, and a full range of staff for every desired question that needs to be asked
Extreme Promotional Material has a well intact customer base and continues to provide all our customers with the guarantee of appropriate well put together products and services.

Target Audience:

Extreme Promotional Material has no particular audience they intend on reaching out to. With the growth of this company over the years, we strive to establish a wide range of ages in producing several different products and advertising them through our social media online bases to keep a large group in place. With producing so many inventive ways to use our products, it has pulled in a sustainable amount of ages throughout the years and continues to grow for the upcoming years as well.

Social Media Tools:

With the use of social media in advertising Extreme Promotional Material, we use as mentioned before, our own online website. Setup to provide customers with at home access to building and ordering what it is they desire. We also provide You Tube videos, displaying current up-to-date promos and stock. This is used to show our customers not only what our company has designed in the past, but promotions available and what they might look like for visual stand points for our customers. We currently have obtained a Facebook page and continually advertise for our customers to join and “LIKE” our products. It’s displaying several pictures of our employees and creations made. Customers even tend to join in on the fun from time to time, by posting their own pictures of what they had ordered on our Facebook page. It of course once again is always there for advertisement purposes as well. The use of the three social media tools I’ve just spoken about keeps are all ages group informed. They are laid out to make customers lives easier and our success rate HIGH! There is a wide range of tools here to contain an easy use for all ages anywhere and at any time for easy access.

Social Media Engagement Strategy:

In order to achieve and stay frequent with my social media plan, it will be first off updated frequently to keep it informed with the current times. It will always relate in keeping in tone with my target audience, being of all ages. Our goals are reached and completed on a day to day bases, and will continue to provide all guarantee in succeeding with our intensions of backing our goals we have put in place. New goals on occasion will be created to extend and even further our company’s brands. All social media tools will be used for what they were intended for, advertising and staying frequent with our customer’s needs. They will be updated daily, with information posted daily and new videos displayed weekly on You Tube. An overall view of how our company plans to stay frequent with our social media plan is an encouraged way to containing all our set goals we have put in place to continue to be successful.


Extreme Promotional Material has and will continue to market a full range of successful products. Our staff and community have been wonderful in creating and making what Extreme Promotional Material is today and were thankful for everything that has been done for us. We have obtained a successful customer rate with a successful social media plan put in place and as promised will continue to follow through on our goals and commitments in providing our customers with the best affordable products available. Our easy to use online website will continue to be updated and available for all customers to sit comfortable and order from home, we strive in succeeding and will keep our promise in guaranteeing our customers the best!


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