Week #11 Blogging Assignment – Social Media Measurement Tools:

Week #11 Blogging Assignment
Social Media Measurement Tools:

Social media at its best! This week’s topic will be discussed on different social media measurement tools, and the advantages brought to you and your brand when having these tools in place for your company. They are created for individuals to zone in on engagement with their brands, providing you with information, and stabilizing you with a specific target audience. With all these in mind, there are several more reasons why having social media measurement tools in place is so important. This week I will choose three to which I would use based on my goals when writing my last blogging assignment on my social media plan. These three measurement tools will work best for me now, to provide me with information in knowing whether my social media networking is guiding me in the right direction. The three I chose for this assignment are, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and WordPress Stats. The reasoning behind the three I have chosen is simply because it will provide me with web analytics, Facebook feedback on my page, and stats in providing me with information on my blogs through wordpress.

Let’s dive right in with web analytics and discuss Google Analytics with a list of pros and cons on how this measurement tool can be a successful way to keep you informed on all your trends through an entire web base. Google Analytics is great and provides you with several different means of activities and traffic brought through a website. I would use this for the specific reasoning in because, if I were to ever create and own my own website this would provide me with the information I needed in how, who, and why people are visiting it. The list goes on with what Google Analytics and how they can provide you with efficient and effective tools. For starters they provide you with standard reporting and custom reporting analysis. They also provide you with an informative chart with listing visitors in coloured categories. You can see daily visits, traffic types, and even information on times and different countries that have visited your website. This also provides you with cross channeling and mobile solutions, to which you can measure mobile activities such as, apps and mobile websites. This is easily setup on any phone for marketing and keeping in close contact with all visitors anytime and anywhere. With a huge list of pros that Google Analytics can provide you with, the only down fall I witnessed from this was trying to watch a video on their premium support services, and it was unable to play, also if you were in store for a service provided through measurement tools, this one gives you complete in-depth information surrounding every aspect, so it can be somewhat overwhelming. I have nothing to bad to say about this service, it’s a fantastic way in keeping informed with your website, but just note is full of different services and may be hard to follow everything they offer.

Next up for successful measurement tools is Facebook insights. This tool is setup to keep you informed on specific details, to which will help you in providing you with the popular content needed in making your Facebook page successful. In full view it will show your demographic audience and establish for you where you may, or may not need to make any changes. In order to keep a successful Facebook page, it’s important to see where you could possibly need to make your changes, or if what you’re viewing for your audience is sufficient. In providing you with detail on your whole demographic growth, it keeps you established in knowing your page is on the appropriate track it intends on being. This would be a measurement tool that would help me gain a popular demographic for my business, sharing options and information provided through URL’s will help optimize a successful tool for my entire audience. The down fall of this measurement tool is, unless you have a created Facebook page, it’s not easily accessed for a whole entire view of what they have to offer. I would have liked to get a little more in depth with it, if it would have allowed me the access.

Last, but definitely never the least, is good old WordPress stats. This one is exciting only because I’ve established and am currently posting blogs on WordPress, this will provide me with detail on how my blog pages are doing. For instance if I were to create and establish a website for a company, I could link my page to WordPress and in all my blog posts I could keep customers informed with my services, products, promotions, contact information, and many more other options through advertising. Id create my blogs to entice my customers to return on a daily bases for more current up-to-date information. It would be laid out in the way it would create an enjoyable experience for all my customers and or even just people who chose to view it from time to time. Unlike Google analytics and even Facebook insight, this service is easily used and provides me with clear information on whom my bloggers are and where they are coming from. It gives clear views of what people click on when viewing my blog and links me to my dashboard to view comments posted on my blogs. There is nothing bad I can say about this, easily used, provides me with all the information I need by viewers, and is very consistent.

After successfully researching and even signing up for a couple of these measurement tools, I’ve found them all to be a great way in providing you with feedback on your demographic. Some are definitely better than others, but all have distinct reasoning behind everything you choose to select when emerging through social media and creating a positive trend for yourself. Whichever way you choose to advertise, whether it is web based, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, there is a social media measurement tool easily selected for all those things. It’s so important to remember the feedback you get is the information you need to remain and be successful. Without these measurement tools you have no way of knowing the activity brought through any of these, so how would you know where you need to make changes? Staying successful is key to being successful and without the use of social media and the advantages that follow behind that, there is no use in believing you will succeed unless there is proven attempt followed through with it.


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