Week #14 – My Final Thoughts

Week #14 – My Final Thoughts


It’s been 14 weeks and this will be my final blog post on social media, emerging technology. In my last blog today I will be describing my final thoughts and how I feel now about social media. After weeks of experimenting with several different tools and how they work for businesses, it’s been not only important information for me, but exciting to know how these steps will help lead me in the right direction when opening my own business in the future. So with this said, let’s begin with my last final thoughts and what tools will be an everlasting memory for me in the upcoming future of my career.

Walking into this social media class, I wasn’t completely blind about what technology this world had to offer. As a matter of fact, I pretty much thought I knew it all. After weeks of discussion on tools to back businesses and how they were used, it was amazing to find out I really knew nothing. It never crossed my mind that businesses and their branding missions, had to keep in tack so much promotional designs through using so many types of social media tools. It appeared to me, that businesses had a full-time job just staying on top of their brands and keeping their emerging technologies current and focused to promote a healthy well established company.

Some of these tools like, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were somewhat familiar to me in the aspect that I knew company’s used these for specific reasoning. The extent of the use in these tools was never an obvious thing to me before, until I focused more on why and how they were using them all. After learning so much with what these tools had to offer, I was amazed to find out, that wasn’t completely it. Companies hire bloggers, to keep customers updated, they create YouTube videos to promote their business, and they create their own personal websites and take advantage of the use in Pinterest and Instagram. The list goes on to many more possibilities to which a company can create and obtain a positive business.

The things that stood out to me the most were the possibilities in creating your own website to promote a business, the use of YouTube and how to create my own social media plan. I enjoyed everything I learned, but will really focus a lot of my time on these areas when opening my own company. The knowledge I’ve gained in knowing all these areas, will help me focus on what’s important for my business. It will help be gain a well-based clientele, help my business grow and keep me organized and frequent with promotions and product. Maintaining a positive branding system for my business will ensure me that I’m making the appropriate steps in creating a successful foundation for my company.

After 14 weeks there are so many things I could describe to you. There are certain aspects to which stood out to me the most, but with the future of my business ahead the use in all these tools will make for a bright, successful future. I’ve learned so much and have obtained information on social media I’ve never even heard of. So to wrap my final blog up, I’d like to thank my professor for a great semester and for the understanding of what social media, emerging technology really is. It’s been great and I have a lot to think about now when entering the business world when my college studies are complete.

Have a fantastic holiday everyone, see you in January!


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