Week #3 Blogging Assignment

Week #3 Blogging Assignment
GM FastLane

Find auto shows, designs, cars, trucks, and anything associated with business on GM’s blogging site. With photos of the day stay in tuned with new products and sales by following what GM has to offer. Everything is posted and easy to run through when entering into this blog, with unique colour contrast and visible links to click on for information GM provides a fast and easy way to swift through all products with pictures of everything you are looking for.

GM promotes a Facebook page and offers everyone to follow them on Twitter; they keep in tuned with every possible social media tool being used by them on their blog. They have contests through Facebook which tells and shows pictures of the winners also in which is enticing for
all customers to join at the chance to win.

They are easily located off their blog to access Facebook and Twitter with one click of your mouse, the conversation between them and customers are lined down the side of the page with great interaction and given the option to join any conversation you wish. They have archives posted by year and month going all the way back to 2008 with any information regarding what offers they had back then, or anything you wish to search about their company.

In my opinion GM uses their blog very well. It’s being used daily with all updates renewed; the use of Twitter and Facebook being easily accessible is great to have a one stop shop provided for everybody. The layout is immaculate with a wide range of information regarding even sales associates you wish to contact. I feel it’s a great way to promote your business and used completely thoroughly on GM’s blog.


In conclusion to GM’s blog and their company in general I feel is satisfactory in my point of view, being a GM owner myself knowing now what they provide to their costumers is comforting to know they are easily contacted through so many social media tools without wondering how long you will be on the phone to get a question properly answered about their products and services. It would take you a complete day or more to serf through everything they provide on their blog it’s so full of pictures and information that it would keep you occupied with what you have to see. I will definitely be visiting this blog again and keeping engaged with their Facebook and Twitter account as well, it’s amazing the things that will come out of being connected with this huge company and knowing everything I need to know through posts.


Week #5 Blogging Assignment

Week #5 Blogging Assignment
 Le Senza on Facebook (Beyond Sexy)

While Facebook is one of the biggest social media tools around the world many companies use it to promote their stores, locations, inventory, promotions, and even contests. Me personally like most individuals, use Facebook to keep in close touch with family and friends who live out of town or who you just don’t see very often because of your hectic life. So when entering Facebook It’s nice to see picture updates of kids and how much they have grown, or new additions to the family. There are a very few companies that I like on Facebook, but my favorite one that I’ve liked for quite a while now is Le Senza. Months ago I was messaged by long lost friend that was entering into one of Le Senza’s contests and needed as many votes as she could get for the chance to win a trip for two to Las Vegas. Being that she did win the trip I continued to like Le Senza ever since to keep in close contact of all the things they have to offer.

Since being in tuned with Le Senza I’ve been aware of all their sales and recent contests to be entered on, they have a new update everyday with amazing pictures that even me being a girl is amused with. The pictures at times may be a little graphic, but show amazing colour and spunk; it’s hard not to check it out. The way they use their Facebook is so amazing for all the valuable costumers that continue to check them out, they are a huge company and well known for lingerie, underwear, bras, and pajamas. I’m personally a huge fan and look forward to seeing the promotions Le Senza has to offer on a daily basis.

When entering into Le Senza’s Facebook page, it immediately catches your attention. The colours and pictures are amazing! They use their Facebook page primarily for pictures on new arrivals and contests, while many people like their entire new product and leave a huge amount of comments on each picture posted by Le Senza there is not much communication on their part. I feel if a personal message was sent to them you may receive a reply, but as far as them commenting in return to comments posted it doesn’t seem to happen. Most comments are positive and many people love their product, but there is a small percent that will leave the odd jealousy remark, commenting on how skinny the models are.

Me personally being a huge Le Senza fan, loves having the contact with them on Facebook. I absolutely enjoy just simply liking a page and receiving all the information that I need to know on that company. Le Senza is definitely my favorite for many reasons, the colour and photos provided from them is huge to me. Something that can catch my eye within the quickest second is great advertising, and the fact they offer what they do in the way of contests and promotions I find to be a great way to keep a positive and successful Facebook page.

Like Le Senza on Facebook, you won’t regret it.

Week #4 Blogging Assignment – Tweeting with Le Chateau (Le Chateau Style)

Keep up on the latest styles and brands by following Le Chateau on Twitter. With Le Chateau showing over a thousand followers on Twitter they keep an active account, they are one of the most popular clothing brand stores located across Canada with clothing and footwear for all occasions requiring you to look and feel your best for any event.

Le Chateau’s Twitter account is frequently used several times every day. They advertise everything in their store with relating it to weather or what’s hot in celebrity fashion to promote all clothing in store. The account is laid out nicely and catches your attention immediately, with pictures and the website address visible to see. They speak in both languages French and English which would work great for having conversations’ with their costumers and would promote more people to follow them on Twitter.

They use their Twitter account in such a fabulous way; they are easily contacted through Twitter with people leaving replies and comments about how amazing the clothing was they just recently purchased. You will immediately get a reply back from Le Chateau with pleasant comments regarding your purchase and how happy they are you love it. They show their customers they care how they feel by replying in such a positive manor by even telling them they must have looked great!

I feel the way Le Chateau uses Twitter is fantastic I will definitely be following them now for sales and advertisements’ containing all information on their product and what’s hot for that present month. It’s amazing how it’s used and how people use it to contact them with happy comments thanking them for their product. Any concerns at all and Le Chateau will give you the feedback you’re looking for. The engagement with the public is excellent and I’m impressed with how this is used and how professional they present themselves with all their public viewers.